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Default 'Natural wine' ?

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wrote on 5/8/07 10:31 PM:

I am not a staunch defender of wines from organically grown grapes,
mainly because I find that on the whole this does not make for better
tasting wines. OTOH many of the wines I like are from organically grown

Are you familiar with Coturri, from Glen Ellen, in Sonoma, CA? Tony Coturri
insists he adds no SO2 or any other chemical stabilizers or preservatives of
any sort to his wine. The grapes are all certified organic and the wines do
not carry the 'contains sulfites' warning on the labels.

We've been trying his Syrah, Pinot, Zin and a blend called Albaretto for a
while. For the most part they exhibit a huge fruit-forward quality, rather
high alcohol and something of "larger-than-life" profile (the Zin is almost
late harvest in style). He bottles by the barrel (one would presume to
avoid unwanted cross-over of runaway problems between barrels) and the
most-heard comment is that the wines are "Forrest Gump"s - you never know
what you're going to get in each bottle. I generally enjoy them, but
they're lot often what I'd call 'varietally correct'.