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Default 'Natural wine' ?

Has anyone else noticed this term steadily gaining currency over the
last twelve months ?

It used to be something you weren't allowed to say.

Jamie Goode (not exactly a wine hippy) now regularly uses it on his
blog (see here :
and both he and Alice Feiring are apparently writing books on the
subject. puts quite a good case for the
difference between 'natural' and 'organic' wines, but I can't help
feeling it's just smart way of selling their product.

Even Hugh Johnson seems to have retracted an article in which he
called the idea of natural wine 'bogus' (see, or rather don't see,
here :

It now seems to be current as a way of describing certain fairly
extreme organic wines. These may well need a term distinct from
'organic', but surely there has to be a better alternative ?

Any suggestions ?