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Default Japan says: Whales are eating too much fish

Karen wrote:
Sheldon wrote:


Exactly that you are wrong. It's the minke whale that is mentioned.


Karen, you epitomize dumb ****. The article lied by the sin of
ommission and you're just plain stupid.

Minke whales (there are two types) very occasionally feed on eel and
small fish but the vast majority of their diet consists of krill...
they are in no way a threat to the fishing industry... in fact they
filter the ocean water to such a degree that sea life of all kinds can
better flourish, and in turn that clearer water permits a greater
degree of sunlight to greater depths which promotes greater
photosynthesis thereby keeping a check on the so-called global warming
theories... the ocean's plants are far more instrumental than the land
forests in keeping the nature of this planet in balance. Baleen
whales are the Dysons of the seas.