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Default Japan says: Whales are eating too much fish

Nancy2 wrote:

Who will the Japanese (and the Norwegians and the Icelanders) blame
when all the whales AND all the fish are gone? I just don't see how
anyone can be so short-sighted.

I was wondering about a similar problem last night when I watched an
American news report out of Detroit about the latest (ongoing) gasoline
shortage. They were interviewing a guy who was commuting 4 miles by bicycle
to work because of the price of gas. He was pedalling down a street lines
with parked SUVs, like you really need an SUV when you live in the city and
need to commute. Then they interviewed a woman who was whining because they
have 3 cars they have to keep going. One for her working husband, one for
her and one for their teenage high school student daughter. Wonder how she
and her daughter will get to the mall when the gasoline runs out.