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Default TN: 1982 Gruaud-Larose

Bi!! wrote:

Is the "Cordier funk" the initial barnyard or is a "bretty" wet dog
thing? I recently posted notes on a 1990 G-L that I noted had a bit
of funk but I didn't think of it as being indicative of Cordier. I've
always found their wines to be a bit heavyon the barnyard though.

Hmmm... Since Cordier sold off G-L back in 1983, I don't think you can
blame any off smells in the '90 G-L on Cordier. To me, "Cordier funk"
refers to an animal/barnyard quality that might be a touch of Brett. I
can't say that "wet dog" fills the bill, but maybe I just haven't
smelled enough wet dogs...

Mark Lipton
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