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Default 1982 Gruaud-Larose

On Apr 30, 3:11´┐Żam, "John T" wrote:
. *IMO, no hurry to drink this up, but I also don't see it

getting any better. *OTOH, if your G-L has been stored at a constant 50
F/10 C since purchase, YMMV.

Mark, congrats and the 82 GL is a wonderful wine. Perhaps I was too hard in
saying its on the slide, " will not improve " is what I should have said.

Had my 60th bash y'day so feeling a little jaded today, had 35 friends and
family to Sunday lunch at the local restaurant, house fizz, NZ SB with
asparagus and a OZ cab with the beef.

It is my true 60th birthday today, we still do not know what to do, having
been working hard for y'day.

I have 96 Dom in the fridge and 88 Mouton ready to go, but after a round of
golf and lazy lunch, may end up with a beer!!!

John T

Happy Birthday!