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Default Strange cooking utensils- Fry pan and aluminium boxes

On 7 Jun 2004 10:43:15 -0700, (JRKRideau)

While poking around in a flea market the other day I noticed two
unusual items. One was a rectangular cast iron (frying?) pan, divided
lenthwise down the middle with raised ridge and then with one side
divided again cross-wise. Overall size would be aaboaut 4 inches X 5
inches. My best guess was that it was some type of frying pan to cook
individual servings of bacon and eggs. Has anyone seen anything like

Sounds right for that one.

The other item was, as best I can describe it, two rectangular
aluminum pans, about 3 inches X 4 inches and 1.5 inches deep, hinged
on one side and with handles on each pan (both handles at the same
end). The two pans folded over onto each other but there was no tight
seal. This item left me and the flea market owner totally at a loss.
Any suggestions as to what this could possible be would be
appreciated. BTW, it may not even be a cooking implement, but the
guage of alumiium and the handles looked like typical alluminium
cooking ware

Omelette pan. There was a fad with that kind of pan when omelettes
first became popular in the US and people who hadn't a clue wanted to
make them. Cook some of the mix in each side, put on the cheese /
whatever and flip them so it was all on one side with the cheese /
whatever in the middle. Cook a bit more, open, flip the 'omelette'
onto a plate and serve.

I invented my own version that was sort of like scrambled eggs, sort
of like an omelette and a tiny bit like a souffle. Family liked it.
I just did up some eggs to barely set on the bottom, stirred, added
stuff to the top goop, popped it all in a hot oven and pulled it out a
few minutes later to turn over onto a warmed platter. Good old cast
iron frying pan in a large size helps a lot there. We called it a

It beat making omelettes all to heck from my point of view.

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