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Subject: TransCapital+Howard James+Joseph campagna + george proudhon
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2007 7:13 AM

beware of them. severly beware.

I strongly recommend you do not accpet their advice, claimed
expertise, financinjg or to join or form an llc with them

my concern for the winery and grape-growing community is based on
past, present actions and claims made by them.

no matter how bad you are strapped: remember Japan is goina open up
bigtime to american wines and also australia's wine industry is about
to die due to the drought.

also grow exotic fruits and exotic citrus (big and sweet and seedless)
to prepare for the Japanese market that is about to open up.


and those grapegrowers who ignorantly sold without getting paid.

there prbably will be no wine marketed whatsoever and your best course
of action iis to sue Joseph Campagna and George Proudhon (but not
coturri as he is a victim in this situation as well.

frell their LLC, LLC's cannot protect those forming them and operating
them from the consequences of their own fraudulent actions. operating a lwinery without licensure and other regulatory

and occupying a winery and fraudulently claiming to be operating a
winerylwithout title or tenancy or licensure whatsoever while also
falsely claiming to the abc that they were liquidating and yet that
was not the truth but obtained squatter-status thru fraudulent court-
house foreclosure fraud and sham?

and beware of Toni Griffin and Richard Idell thier puppetmaster
lawyers and fello con-artists.

yeah woof-woof. i ainn't afraid of the big bad wolf, Idell.

I've taken down better lawyers than you and thier little dogs too
(kremen the internet porno cretin)

those who know noh.
those who know noh..