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Mark Thorson
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Default ANN: Free WebLog Site for Food Lovers

Donny Mack wrote: Beta ( ) has launched and
is one of the only WebLog websites dedicated to food lovers around the
world. was started by food lovers for food lovers and

No, it wasn't. It was started by a deceptive spammer looking
to make a fast buck. With all the ripoffs going on over the web
these days, you'd have to be nuts to do business with someone
you know is deceptive.

Here's his earlier attempt to spam, using an alias, and my

(Food Lover) wrote:

Just found this food weblog site and thought i'd share. its call
foodbloggers They are offering free
weblogs for people to post about food topics. Looks fun! Thought i'd

"Just found"? "Share"? Like maybe you stumbled across
this cool link and wanted to share it with the newsgroup,
like passing along a good tip from a friend to a friend?

Or is this SPAM for a commercial web site, being posted
by the creator of this web site to drum up business for his
get-rich-quick scheme? Who is ?

Is it Donny Mack?

Mack, Donny (VBDFPGDFJD)
1916 Pike Place STE 12 #787
Seattle, WA 98101


Administrative Contact:
Mack, Donny (35743264P)

1916 Pike Place STE 12 #787
Seattle, WA 98101