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Donny Mack
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Default ANN: Free WebLog Site for Food Lovers Beta ( ) has launched and
is one of the only WebLog websites dedicated to food lovers around the
world. was started by food lovers for food lovers and
we're looking for passionate people to talk about their daily food
experiences. Topics can be anything from food preparation and cooking
to restaurant reviews, basically anything food goes.

Our Blog engine is very extensible and we have many different skins
you can choose from to customize your part of the community.

Starting a WebLog on is absolutely free to you and we
will never sell any of your information so start today and become a
superstar food writer. For those who are skeptical about anything
"free" don't be, our revenue model is corporate site sponsorships and
we will never allow annoying popup ads!

You can get your own WebLog on now by visiting us at or go directly to the sign-up page here - if you aren't sure what a
WebLog is you can

We're sorry if you think this is spam because it is not our intention
to spam - we just have a targeted audience (you) and we have to go
where you are!

Sincerely, Staff
For more information please visit our site or email us at