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Default 1.5" thick T-Bones... best way...

Safflower oil has a smoke point slightly above 500. I use grape seed oil
that has a smoke point of 485.

FWIW I use it all the time to sauté scallops. It's the best way to ensure
that you caramelize them on the outside while leaving the inside still
barely cooked. Two minutes in a really hot pan does the trick.

Here's a website that has all the smoke points of various oils.

Good luck.

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BOB wrote:
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I rub my steaks with EVOO and pat them with salt, fresh ground BP and
garlic powder, then sear them in a very hot, dry, well seasoned CI
frying pan (or grill them over the firebox on my NB).


Sometimes, I'll omit the EVOO. When using the cast iron, the fat and/or
EVOO helps to keep itseasoned.


I can't remember the numbers, but EVOO has a fairly low point at which the
solids begin to burn and smoke. I frequently use it when cooking a steak
on my IR grill, but have wondered if I might improve on the results a tad
by switching to an oil with a higher smoke point, such as corn oil.

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