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Default 1.5" thick T-Bones... best way...

BOB wrote:
"Nick Cramer" wrote

I rub my steaks with EVOO and pat them with salt, fresh ground BP and
garlic powder, then sear them in a very hot, dry, well seasoned CI
frying pan (or grill them over the firebox on my NB).


Sometimes, I'll omit the EVOO. When using the cast iron, the fat and/or
EVOO helps to keep itseasoned.


I can't remember the numbers, but EVOO has a fairly low point at which
the solids begin to burn and smoke. I frequently use it when cooking a
steak on my IR grill, but have wondered if I might improve on the
results a tad by switching to an oil with a higher smoke point, such as
corn oil.

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