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Default 1.5" thick T-Bones... best way...

On 19 Apr 2007 02:07:44 GMT, Nick Cramer

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007 06:47:50 -0400, "43fan"
"Denny Wheeler" wrote in message
On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 13:51:28 -0400, "43fan"

to cook? My thoughts, the grill. Sister in law bought 'em, and
thinking of
frying them!

Well, I gotta say, they turned out pretty durn good. IMO, what she did
was actually "fry" them. *g* Didn't use a cast iron skillet, which I
did suggest, but she elected not to. Little bit of olive oil in the
pan, very hot, not sure how long she cooked on each side, my wife made
me leave the kitchen because she was afraid there'd be a fight!

That's pan-broiling. Now, if the oil had been, say, 1/4" or more
deep....hates the thought of what that'd do to a nice piece of steak
The 'little bit of olive oil' is needed to keep the meat from
sticking. Probably even in nonstick cookware, which I'd not use, cos
I'd want the heat higher than nonstick will tolerate well.

I rub my steaks with EVOO and pat them with salt, fresh ground BP and
garlic powder, then sear them in a very hot, dry, well seasoned CI frying
pan (or grill them over the firebox on my NB).

Works for me.