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Default TN: Bordeaux wine with Latin food?

On Apr 16, 11:03´┐Żam, "Bi!!" wrote:
On Apr 16, 10:15 am, "DaleW" wrote:

Which was your WOTN? *I've had the Cos recently but I've never had the
'82 Conseillente. *I do aredd with your notes on the Gruaud but within
our group we had a bit of an argument regarding the status of "flawed,
funky or foul". *It wasn't cork taint but it didn't seem clean to me.- Hide quoted text -

I think I voted 3 for the Conseillante, 2 for the Lafite, 1 for
Gruaud, but the last two could have been reversed - I was dithering
when Ian asked me for vote*.

I think there is probably a little brett on the Gruaud, but not enough
to bother me in the least. Of course, brett is notoriously bottle
variable, so one bottle might smell pretty clean, the next have a
barnyard hint that I find attractive, and a third bottle be akin to
landing face first in manure,

This was my 3rd time with the '90 Cos. A bottle at a '90 vertical was
disappointing, this was pretty good, and a bottle a few years ago was
simply stunning.

* for groups of 8 to 12 (we had 9 Saturday) I find the method of
giving everyone six votes for WOTN (most do 3-2-1, but you can vote
2-2-2 if you wish,, can't give more than 3 to one wine) is a good way
of gauging consensus. Giving single WOTN votes leads to outlier wines
sometimes winning even if half the group can't stand.