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Default making root beer

That sounds a tad high to me - to me 'warm' in yeast terms is roughly 78F - 90F with better odds at the lower end.


"Tater" wrote in message
On Mar 27, 6:58 pm, "Tater" wrote:
On Mar 26, 8:29 pm, Steve wrote:

I don't know the root beer kit that you bought, but if the yeast is
going like mad, then CO2 is being generated. You probably have to
wait a week or more for the carbonation to be reasonable.

yeah, but compared to the wineexpert kit, this thing is not doing
anything. I'll sit and wait a bit

in fact compared to water, it is doing about the same. I still think
the water was too hot when i added the yeast and killed it.

today I gave up, and went and did some testing.

warm water to me is about 120F. I'm assuming i killed the yeast. so I
went and put another shot of yeast in. we shall see what happens