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Default Native Cuisine Coming To PBS

Thanks for the heads-up on the series.

"Todd Tamanend Clark" wrote in message
This is an excerpt from an article in the Shawnee News-Star:


By Carol Cole

Loretta Barrett Oden delights in relating where tomatoes came from.
Or potatoes. Or heirloom squash.

The world-renowned chef will be featured in a thirteen-week series
on the Public Broadcasting System, exploring the history of native
foods and American Indian cuisines.

"Food is - of course - the heart of every culture," Oden said, who
has also been featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America.
"That's how you find out about any people's culture - sit at the

Over her years of research on native foods, Oden has developed a
unique niche in the culinary world.

"It is new and it's old and it's innovative and it's healthy," she
said of her cuisine, which utilizes fresh local ingredients infused
with unique flavorings.

She is recognized as an expert in native foods history and
ethnobotany and it has evolved her own approach to food preparation.

"I take old traditional recipes and ingredients and just kind of
update them to suit today's palate," Oden said.

Which is what I have been doing for my own family of six progeny
for many years.

She said Native American food is the only ethnic cuisine that has
not been addressed fully in the culinary world.

A point I make to people on a frequent basis.

"We've danced around it quite a bit, with Argentinean, Brazilian,
Cuban, Mexican, all of that. But I'm taking a look at all of the
Americas," Oden said. "You know, this thirteen weeks will be
centered around North America, and our chocolate show will be shot
in Mexico City."

YES! Serious Aztec chocolate!

Production is scheduled to begin with shooting in the warm weather
locales in February. One of the first shoots will include the
salmon runs in the northwest and another covering the wildlife
harvest at Minnesota's Leech Lake.

For the rest of the article, go to:

Two excellent indigenous cookbooks that I heartily recommend a

Spirit Of The Harvest: North American Indian Cooking
(Beverly Cox & Martin Jacobs, 1991)

Spirit Of The Earth: Native Cooking From Latin America
(Beverly Cox & Martin Jacobs, 2001)

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