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Default Pheasant under glass?

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wrote on 18/10/03 3:52 PM:

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 22:59:00 GMT, jmarvell

Can anyone tell me about this dish?

It is a presentation method, where the dish is kept under a glass bell
or dome. It helps keep the dish hot. Although most think of an entire
pheasant served whole under a large dome, most recipes I have seen have
been for the breast. Vincent Price's "A Treasury of Great Recipes" has
a recipe for Breast of Pheasant sous Clouche from Antoine's in New
Orleans where the dish is served under a glass bell.

Pheasant is another one of those game animals that require aging.
Brillat-Savarin (of Iron Chef fame) thought that a good chicken was
better than fresh pheasant. He recommended at least 8 days of aging.

Thanks, Much appreciated.