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Default promote table-turnover at a restaurant?

You own a restaurant.

It is _the_ most competitive industry. The garbage can of history
was enlarged many, many, MANY times to make room for all the people
who failed in this business.

When people are ordering food, you're making money. When they're
eating it, you are amortizing your revenue.

When they sit around afterwards, occupying a table, chitchatting - you
might be losing money, if ties up a table that another customer would
otherwise be revenuing at.

It is possible to engage in the Starbucks effect - raise the price of
the menu item to compensate. Unfortunately, some people have an
infinite capacity to sit on their ass and talk nonsense. There is a
school of thought that this is an entrance requirement for the
Academy of Being Female. I am not competent to judge that claim.

What can you do to gently run those cattle outta there after they've
fulfilled their evolutionary role of putting money in your cash
register - but still leave them eager to come back and do it again?