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Default why vodka in "vodka cream sauce"?

"Curt Nelson" <X> wrote in message
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> "Eddie G" > wrote in message
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>> Tonight I made a vodka cream sauce (well, sort of...instead of cream I
>> use flour in skim milk for a fat free substitute). Anyway, I used about
>> 1/2 cup vodka, 1 large can of tomato sauce, and a little more than a cup
>> of the "cream". I could not taste the vodka at all. I never tried vodka
>> cream sauce in a restaurant because of the cream so I do not know what is
>> should taste like. Are you supposed to taste the vodka? What does the
>> alcohol do if your NOT supposed to taste it?

> Some flavor components are soluble in water, some are soluble in oil and
> others are soluble in alcohol.
> Hasta,
> Curt Nelson

There are only two 'basic' types of liquid solvent - polar, and non-polar.
Water and the alcohols are polar solvents, oils/petroleum fraction spirits
etc. are non-polar. metals salts and certain other 'salts', are mostly
soluble in polar types, while waxes/oils and similar, tend to only dissolve
in non-polar solvents.

Some polar (kinda meaning 'actively ionic' in this case, IIRC) solvents such
as alcohol, are able to dissolve/keep in solution, some things which are
already in non-polar/oily solution, because they are also capable of holding
non-polar compounds in solution, and therefore are able to sort of cross the

Then we go further on to 'miscibles', but now we are going too far into
chem. territory...

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