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Default making root beer

Used to know a guy who regularly made the Rainbow soda pops. He
definitely made ginger ale, cola, and a couple of the root beer types.

I remember him telling me that you had to adjust the amount of yeast
recommended depending on the variety. He made a gallon at a time, and
bottled in 2 litre pop bottles. When the plastic bottle turned hard
he put it in his basement fridge to slow/stop the yeast. He and his
wife were very happy with the results.


On 27 Mar 2007 16:58:58 -0700, "Tater" wrote:

yeah, but compared to the wineexpert kit, this thing is not doing
anything. I'll sit and wait a bit

in fact compared to water, it is doing about the same. I still think
the water was too hot when i added the yeast and killed it.

oh, rainbow flavors homebrew root beer concentrated soda pop base. did
not know there were different types of root beer kits......