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Default Some questions regarding hunter valley, aus

On Mar 22, 3:28 am, "fsa3" wrote:
everything I've found have been day trips. Are there shuttles or
trains I could take?

Shuttles, not really - the coaches are your best bet. Trains - nope.
Sydney public transport isn't the greatest; if you don't/can't drive,
things become a bit more difficult once getting out of the city

In response to your first post:
What I found with the Hunter is that a lot of it is so widely spaced
that even if you're staying for a few nights inside the Valley, it's
still quite difficult to go around unless you drive. The best thing I
could suggest is just to stay in Sydney and do it with a few day trips
- that way you also get to enjoy the evenings in the city (and around
the Rocks/Oxford St./King's Cross and such, it's a great place for
nightlife). Bit more expensive, unless you can talk a friend who
drives into going along.
There are a few good services (I used Boutique Wine Tours, think Nils
did the same there as well) that pick you up from the city early in
the morning, and then drop you back in the evening after taking you
through a handful of wineries, and it's far easier than walking around
(the distances can be huge between some wineries) or driving.

Wines - Semillon's a big thing here. Mount Pleasant Estate makes some
legendary Semillon in a number of different styles, and you need to
try the young Elizabeth Semillons, the Museum reserves (with some age
on them) as well as the sweeter botrytised ones. All gorgeous.
Tyrrell's is also famed for its Semillon - and among other wineries,
Brokenwood, Tempus Two and De Bortoli are also worth looking at.
A word on De Bortoli - I haven't been to the Hunter Valley cellar, so
no idea what to expect (but they should have some of the famed Noble
One botrytised Semillon there). I did visit them a couple of times in
the Yarra Valley though (their main outpost), and was blown away.
Worth a look IMO.