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Default Some questions regarding hunter valley, aus

1) Highly recommended you look into the small coach opportunities as a)
places are a bit far apart and
b) Aussi coppers do not look kindly on driving under the alfluence of
incohol ...
2) Any number but not cheap, especially around weekend. Google-san-wa
anata-no tomodachi-desu, as I always say ...
3) Look out for Semillion which is a totally illogical archetypal Hunter
Valley variety. Both as dry and sticky. Also, look out for Shiraz (Syrah if
they are Francophiliacs). Apart from that, they tend to try anything.
Verdelho is often a rather light, slightly aromatic dry variety which works
a treat as aperitif.
Ernest Hill was a very forthcoming and friendly family business with some
good stuff (notably Shiraz and Semillion). Recommended.
Brokenwood is a larger operation with vineyards in other states (Victoria,
Eastern Southern Asutrailia etc) but makes a slew of different varieties and
styles - you cvan spend a fairly happy afternoon trying their wares ... the
flagship wine is their Graveyard Shiraz but it needs serious cellar time.
Audrey Wilkinson had some good stuff but really not in the same class.

Also, you might enjoy the helpful hints I received last summer (notably from
Salil) using this link: 5f4901


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Hi all,

I'm going to be going to AUS in early June. I'll be mostly staying in
Sydney but will have a weekend to venture out to Hunter Valley. A few

1) Any recommendations on good places to stay for me and my wife in
Hunter Valley that will make seeing the area most effective for
someone without a car?

2) What will be my options for getting from Sydney to Hunter Valley
without a car?

3) Any other tips or thoughts on things to do / see in Hunter Valley
and/or Sydney? This trip sort of sprung up rather quickly and I'm
trying to plan my 2 weeks as best as possible.

Thanks in advance.