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Default NoKa Chocolate and Ayn Rand

Emma Thackery wrote:

I don't understand the issue. I get the part that NoKA made these
stainless gift boxes as a tribute to Howard Roark. So what then?

I guess you didn't see the original article?

It's in that context that this comment in the forum is
so hilarious. It fits NoKa so well.

Quoting from:

Have you seen the SKY Collection TM? It's a $1,023 stack
of brushed stainless steel boxes piled to the "towering"
height of ONE AND A HALF FEET!

This giant leap forward in chocolatiering is, they tell us,
"a tribute to Howard Roark, the iconic figure in legendary
author, Ayn Rand's, classic novel The Fountainhead."

I suggest they reconsider and make it a tribute to the
"legendary" Ayn Rand's antagonist in the novel, Peter

"He had forgotten his first building, and the fear and
doubt of its birth. He had learned that it was so simple.
His clients would accept anything, so long as he gave
them an imposing fašade, a majestic entrance and a regal
drawing room, with which to astound their guests. It
worked out to everyone's satisfaction: Keating did not
care so long as his clients were impressed, the clients
did not care so long as their guests were impressed,
and the guests did not care anyway."