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Default Bakers Brownie recipe/wanted

On Mar 7, 5:56 am, "Pami" wrote:
I was at a bake sale and bought this brownie and I've never tasted anything
like it. The recipe came from a very old...OLD Bakers Chocolate Cookbook
and it used "shortening and cocoa powder" anybody has this
book....could I have the recipe. I've tried so many but this is the one I

Shortening and cocoa powder are a substitution for unsweetened
chocolate squares- Here's the recipe I use(Joy of Cooking)
5 oz unsweetened chocolate(sub 15TBLS cocoa and 5 TBLS shortening)
1 cube (4 oz) unsalted butter
Melt these together and add
2 cups sugar
Mix well- add
4 eggs & 2 tsp vanilla
Mix well- add
1 cup all purpose flour- Stir until blended.Put into a 9x13 greased or
parchment/foil lined pan. Bake at 350 for approx 25 minutes.You can
add 1 cup nuts if you want- I usually add about 1 cup chocolate chips
to the batter. Enjoy!