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Has anyone had experience with the meat grinder attachment for the
Kitchenaid? Since I already have the Kitchenaid mixer, I am wondering
if the attachment is the best way to go for ground meat. Jane

I have the Kitchenaid meat grinder attachment. It gives good results, and
is far preferable to using a food processor (more even results and no chance
of ending up with mush). It is easy to assemble and clean. One of my
favorite things to do with it is to buy a piece of chuck, trim it well, and
make hamburger. The results are far more flavorful than hamburger mande
from other cuts, and have less fat than store-bought ground chuck.


Agreed. :-)
And, DO try the sausage cone that will attach to the meat grinder for
making sausage! You can buy cleaned, salted casings at most stores...
Just rinse and wet them good and slide them onto the cone, tie a knot in
the end and twist the casing according to the size sausage that you
want. QED.

Wunnderful and you can make them lower in salt than most commercial

Speaking of which, anyone got any good sausage spice recipes to share???


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