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Wayne Boatwright
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meatgrinder wrote in
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I have a meat grinder/sausage stuffer. The cheap kind that you clamp
to a counter top and turn the crank to get your ground meat. I tried
using it for the first time and did not assemble it correctly. Now the
meat is very so ground up it looks like mush. I want to make meatballs
out of this. Do you think it will be OK for meat balls? I used a
round steak.

Also, is a top round roast a good meat to make ground beef? It is on
sale now and am considering getting one if OK to grind. Otherwise, I
would not know what to do with a top round roast.
What are other meats good for making ground beef?

Thank you,
Meat Grinder today. Italian cook tomorrow !

Your "mushy" ground meat will probably result in rather compact
meatballs, but you might test one first, then adjust your other
ingredients accordingly. I would probably add some breadcrumbs made
from fresh bread to lighten it a bit.

Top round would make excellent "ground round", as would a sirloin roast
make excellent "chopped sirloin". If you're used to seeing various
degrees of fat in the ground meats at your supermarket, you might want
to bear that in mind and include some fat in the grind to achieve the
percentage you prefer; e.g., 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% fat. Ground meat with
absolutely no fat is often rather dry and not as tasty, regardless the
quality of the meat.