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Default Smoked Mussels and Spaghetti

I recently found an Italian-type recipe in a magazine and cut it out,
but have (tragically!) mislaid it. The recipe was called Spagetti
with Smoked Mussel sauce. I can remember some of the ingredients and
the quantities, but would like some help please from anyone who has
made a similar dish - or even (hopefully) has a copy of this recipe.
I have searched the appropriate recipe sites on the Net to no avail.

The recipe was for 4 people, but this recipe was aimed at
European-style cuisine so the amount might not be as large as,
perhaps, in the USA. The ingredients (so far as I can remember with
quantities where I can also remember them) a

One 400g can of crushed Italian tomatoes
6 anchovies (canned or bottled - not fresh)
garlic cloves - finely chopped or crushed
olive oil
smoked mussels (not in the shell of course)
Salt and pepper.

The amount of spaghetti would probably be 300g to one 400g can of

The method I would use for the above would be to slowly cook the
anchovies and garlic in the olive oil for 3-4 minutes or so and then
add the tomatoes. Bring to a simmer and then remove from the heat
and add the mussels. Taste for seasonings and add if necessary. I
would then put a lid on the pot and leave to one side while I cooked
the spaghetti.

I just need someone to perhaps assist me with the amounts. The only
ingredients I remember for sure is the the number of anchovies and the
can of tomatoes!

I have a 250g vacuum-pack of smoked mussels in a chilli marinade in my
refrigerator (this size is common) so I think this may be the amount
of mussels the recipe called for.

I am in New Zealand, and a local or Australian reader may have seen
the recipe or be familiar with a recipe that specifies this weight of

Looking forward to hearing from someone!!!