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Default "Variable heat" electric range available anywhere?

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 22:13:12 GMT, "JoeSpareBedroom"

"Dave Martindale" wrote in message
"Bill" writes:

Well I installed a woodstove and tried cooking on it. I cooked eggs and
noticed they came out perfect!

When I cook eggs on my electric range, they will tend to stick to the
of the pan or overheat / underheat.

Anyway the difference between cooking on the woodstove and on my electric
range is amazing! The difference of course is the "steady heat" of the
stove as opposed to the "on/off" heat of the electric range.

There are many possible explanations for this. Perhaps you just pay
more attention when cooking on the woodstove. Perhaps the large flat
iron cooking surface of the wood stove heats your pan more evenly than a
coil element on the electric stove. Or maybe the cyclic temperature
variations do matter. You haven't provided any evidence for the latter

It would be interesting to measure the amount of temperature swing at
the surface of your electric element as the element cycles on and off.
Then measure it on the inside surface of the pan. I'll bet the
temperature range is not very large.


Coming to conclusions while missing 90% of the pertinent information is a
great American pastime, apparently.

That's normal. It's a lot easier to ignore 90% or more of what you
heard, and make up stuff to fill the gap.