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Default Perfex pepper grinder

"Dee Dee" wrote:
Googling a little I find that different types of salt can ruin your
salt grinder and "Always use a salt mill with a ceramic or plastic
grinding mechanism. Metal, including stainless steel, will corrode and
adversely flavor the salt." (Mine is metal).

I wonder if salt grinders are still as popular as 30 years ago.

I've got the same Perfex pepper grinder that you've got. I've had it for
about 10 years. I've also got a 2/3 size (looks like a scale model!) Perfex
salt grinder that I've had perhaps 8 years. There's no sign of corrosion in
the salt grinder at this point, and I'm using a somewhat moist French sea
salt. I believe the grinding mechanism in the salt grinder is stainless
steel. I'm not sure what it is made of in the pepper grinder, but often they
are made of case hardened non-stainless steel, which would corrode quite
easily. I have my doubts about metal grinding mechanisms having any adverse
effects on flavor. I just can't see it happening.

As I wasn't paying attention 30 years ago, I have no idea of the relative
popularity. I would have thought salt grinders are more popular today, since
it seems like Mortons Iodized Salt in the blue container was the only
commonly available choice years ago.