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Default inoculation

I'll claim some credit for popularizing the term "inoculation".
if not introducing it, at r.f.s.

But we have clearly gone over the top here. Inoculation
means no more than introducing the microorganisms to
the dough (or whatever else is to be infected with them).

Where the dough is built by stages from the starter culture,
it is the first stage that is inoculated. Following stages are
feedings or refreshments. (A mother sponge is grown from
inoculum once in its lifetime, and rebuilt thereafter by feedings.)

Who am I to diddle the meanings of words? Well, if not
me, who?

Everything I am trying to say here, and more, is shown in
pictures at
Inoculation there occurs once, at the lower left.

Words are used very irresponsibly by bakers. Like "retardation",
"proof or proofing", "hydration", to mention a few. Probably it
is to late for these, but one may hope that "inoculation" can still be