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Default inoculation

hi. new to this, so please excuse any errors of convention.
anyway, if anyone out there would be so kind as to advise, i'd like
to know what is meant by "inoculation?" would this be the storage
leaven that you use in the next stage?

another question i've had is on the amount of final leavening agent
(sponge?) added to the final dough. i typically note this as between
20 and 40 percent of the weight of the final dough. i wonder why this
amount, why not less?

and why it's important to calculate against the
weight of the final dough

It's a matter of convention.

--with bunches of grains, it could end up
that most of the flour in the recipe would exist in the leaven sponge.
could it have to do with the weight of the final dough necessary for
the leaven to oppose?

That's usually not a good idea, for reasons mentioned above. Also, I
find that when you have lots of grains you don't have lots of taste...
you get tasteless hippy lead bread. Not that there's anything wrong
with that if its what you wanted.
i hope these are not stupid questions. i've yet to see a justification
for it in recipes. thanks to any who reply.

Recipes aren't about justification. Neither are professional formulas.
Textbooks are about justifications.


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