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Cymru Llewes
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Default Rival electric slicer manual

On Sun, 12 Oct 2003 11:31:45 -0400, limey wrote:
I have a Rival food slicer which is quite a number of years old - Model
1101E. Some years ago, I lost the original "Instruction and Idea Book", so
called them on the phone for a replacement. The little manual cites a
Customer Relations Department phone: 1-800-624-4693. The numbers I called
were (Kansas City) 1-816-861-1000, with Parts and Service being
1-816-826-6600. Perhaps one of those numbers can help.

If my model matches yours, or if you have
Model 1030V, let me know and I can list the parts of the slicer(s). In that
way, you can see if anything is missing. I'd scan and e-mail to you, but
the print is so tiny I'm not sure it would reproduce well.
Good luck!


Model 1101E/3 (I dug it back out from the bottom cupboard and looked at
the motor housing.) I think that we'll call Rival tomorrow morning and ask
them to send us a manual.

Cymru Llewes
Caer Llewys