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Default Carl's invincible starter!

Well, I slacked off for a while. I had some of Carl's starter that I had
been using exclusively. But we were going to be gone on vacation for a
month, so I took the starter and mixed it with as much flour as it would
hold to form a very hard dough. I then put this ball (about 3 inches in
diameter) in a ziplock bag, squeezed out all the air, and sealed it. This
ball of starter sat in my fridge from about Nov. 20th 2005 until about a
week ago.

When I finally took it out, I had to use a knife to break it apart. I
dropped the pieces in some warm water to let them soften up. I then put in
enough plain white bread flour (what I usually feed with) to bring it to
"normal" consistency. After about a day, I saw some definite activity. I
then proceeded to throw away a bunch and feed like normal.

This weekend, I made bread with it. By all indications, it seems to be back
to it's old normal state.

Anyway, I just wanted to share because I've heard of people who have kept
starter in that state for half a year or so, but I made it about 14 months.
Anyway, just thought someone might be interested.


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