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Default That pork roast

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Puester wrote:

Saturday night I made the pork roast from the recently posted here
with a rub of fennel, garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I made
a paste with olive oil before rubbing it on. I served it with roasted
sweet potato wedges, asparagus, apple sauce and salad.

It was delicious. Lars, our Swedish partner is visiting for a week,
staying with us, and he loved it, too.

Yesterday the guys went skiing and called me at noon to suggest going
out to dinner (Pappadeaux where Lars loves their fresh tuna coated with
poppyseeds.) I made reservations and they actually got back in time to
go. Dinner was very nice.

The pork roast was half of a huge loin from Costco. I froze the rest
for later. It was juicy and did not give up much in the way of
drippings, so I'm thinking it wasn't waterlogged with additives.

We'll have the rest tonight as leftovers and I'm open to suggestions for
a sauce to serve over it. Something fruity? Red wine-ish? Creamy
doesn't sound right.

gloria p

If you have any frozen stock, you can spice that up a bit, add some dry
white wine (rhine works) and thicken per your personal preference. :-)
Peace, Om

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