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Puester > wrote:

> Saturday night I made the pork roast from the recently posted here
> with a rub of fennel, garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I made
> a paste with olive oil before rubbing it on. I served it with roasted
> sweet potato wedges, asparagus, apple sauce and salad.
> It was delicious. Lars, our Swedish partner is visiting for a week,
> staying with us, and he loved it, too.
> Yesterday the guys went skiing and called me at noon to suggest going
> out to dinner (Pappadeaux where Lars loves their fresh tuna coated with
> poppyseeds.) I made reservations and they actually got back in time to
> go. Dinner was very nice.
> The pork roast was half of a huge loin from Costco. I froze the rest
> for later. It was juicy and did not give up much in the way of
> drippings, so I'm thinking it wasn't waterlogged with additives.
> We'll have the rest tonight as leftovers and I'm open to suggestions for
> a sauce to serve over it. Something fruity? Red wine-ish? Creamy
> doesn't sound right.
> gloria p

If you have any frozen stock, you can spice that up a bit, add some dry
white wine (rhine works) and thicken per your personal preference. :-)
Peace, Om

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