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Default That pork roast

On Jan 29, 9:19 am, Puester wrote:
Saturday night I made the pork roast from the recently posted here
with a rub of fennel, garlic, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I made
a paste with olive oil before rubbing it on. I served it with roasted
sweet potato wedges, asparagus, apple sauce and salad.

It was delicious.

Yes, I think that's the one from "Great Food Without Fuss." Very
tasty indeed.

We'll have the rest tonight as leftovers and I'm open to suggestions for
a sauce to serve over it. Something fruity? Red wine-ish? Creamy
doesn't sound right.

I've used a mushroom - marsala gravy/sauce with it. Just sauteed
mushrooms in butter with a sprinkle of flour, then a couple of
splashes of marsala. Good, but I'm not sure it's a good match for the
flavors of the roast..... -aem