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Rich Bednarski
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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Rick & Cyndi" > wrote in message

> No Rich, I didn't miss the point... as I have REPEATEDLY said,
> there are SELLERS out there that DO NOT use the same marketing.
> There are sellers out there that do not have the mark ups - but
> they also don't do the demos.

Yes you did miss the point because until ebay came along, by your own
admission, the stuff was simply not available in a conventional manner. Why
isn't someone making it and selling it through department stores and kitchen
outlets? Why don't restaurants use it? If it cooks more quickly and
produces better tasting food, quality restaurants would be all over it. Why
is it that all of the other brands and styles of cookware can be sold
without either mlm mark-ups and demos or just over ebay?

What is it about this cookware that is so unique that it can't be
manufactured and sold through conventional retail outlets? Until you can
answer that question without handwaving this cookware will be regarded as a
scam and so will your claims.