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Rick & Cyndi
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Default KitchenCraft cookware and waterless cooking

"Debbie Deutsch" <

Debbie, you apparently must have missed my posting where I
explained that I no longer kept my "papers" on all of the
wonderful attributes that Waterless cookware has; therefore, if
you REALLY want to know... then either find somebody near you
that ACTUALLY has the cookware (just reading about it on the
Internet is only going to give opinions... and usually they're
only from Type A persons that have that "need" to tell everybody
their opinion - be it good or bad)... or contact one of those
Home-demo sales offices!

I'm done discussing it with you because you fail to understand
what I've already told you and you seem hell-bent on trying to
push your biased opinion on something that you've never actually
used or even seen!!