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On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 20:31:27 +0000 (UTC),
(Charlotte L. Blackmer) wrote:

>From what I hear, the babas and the yayas (don't know what the Greek term
>is for the grandmotherly-type church ladies) at most Orthodox parishes -
>Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, or mixed - are an inspiration to most of us
>Church Kitchen Ladies. On a religious web-forum I'm on, we joke about the
>Orthodox luring converts with baklava .
>I wish we had more lower-end Greek restaurants around here - most are very
>expensive (good but $$$). We can, however, get some good Greek food at
>several pan-Med joints nearby and some delis, and true aficinados don't
>miss the annual Greek festival.

Same here in Sac. The annual Greek festival features some wonderful
food by those "Greek kitchen ladies." I had Imam Bayaldi for the
first time at our Greek festival and fair swooned. I bought the
cookbook. I can't make Imam Bayaldi for toffee, so I rely on the
occasional trek to a good Greek joint.

I still try to make ImamB once in blue moon. Keeps me humble ;-)