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cybercat wrote:
> Long ago I had some GREAT Greek food in a little place in Fall's Church
> Virginia. It was like beef stew but made with lamb.
> There were lots of other dishes that others were having that looked good
> too.
> Prior to this, I had only had stuff like gyros and vinegary weird stuff
> wrapped in grape leaves.
> Anybody got some good recipes for really good Greek food?

Here are pointers to some Greek recipes I've posted over the years. The
first is for spanakorizo (spinach cooked with rice in a spicy tomato
sauce). Next is a vegetarian lentil moussaka (that is, I think, very
very good). Then there is gardumpa, about which the less said the
better. Fourth is lamb shanks braised with white wine, tomatoes and
leeks. It was one of the first non-baby foods we fed my daughter. She
kept eating it until she exploded. I could do the same. Finally, there
is my list of URLs for Greek cooking sites.

I got a pocket full of funnies just to show you where I been.

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