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> That recipe seems totally different from Irish Lamb Stew and Beef Stew, but
> I guess that is why its called Greek Lamb Stew. I would much prefer the
> Irish Lamb Stew version.

You are comparing apples and oranges, in more way than one. "Irish
Stew" is just so named, it is not generic and actually means something
more or less definite. "Greek Stew" does not exist, just as there is no
"Italian Stew", "American Stew", "French Stew", etc. As in other
countries, there are different stews in Greece, distinguished by their
names, ingredients, and methods and techniques of preparation. No
doubt, generic stews exist in Greece, too, as anywhere else, but by
their very nature they are not particularly "Greek".

Very well known Greek stews are, for example, stifado, yahni,
kokkinisto, kapama, all variously transliterated. Stifado is one of my
favourites. There are numerous versions, made with different kinds of
meats and some of the other ingredients, but one identifying
characteristic is the use of lots of little onions which are peeled but
otherwise left whole.