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Default Greek Food

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> Long ago I had some GREAT Greek food in a little place in Fall's Church
> Virginia. It was like beef stew but made with lamb.
> There were lots of other dishes that others were having that looked good
> too.
> Prior to this, I had only had stuff like gyros and vinegary weird stuff
> wrapped in grape leaves.
> Anybody got some good recipes for really good Greek food?

Google for recipes of "Shepherds stew". :-)

My mom used to make an absolutely _killer_ lamb stew using pre-roasted
lamb breast.

I can probably approximate a recipe from memory if you'd like.

It's not written down anywhere and mom is no longer available to
consult, but she is the one that taught me to cook by what I like to
call "flavor memory" if you know what I mean?
Peace, Om

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