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Default gallbladder friendly diet?

In article t,
Donna Rose wrote:

t's not only fried foods, but fat in any form as I understand it. I had
two mouthfuls of ice cream which sent me to the hospital once when I
still had my gallbladder - I wasn't aware of the fact that I had any
problems with it - I had been asymptomatic up until then.

Ditto. Greasy meals (sausages/frankfurters, cheese-covered anything)
did quite a number on my gall bladder. I spent two weeks eating dry
chicken breasts, low-fat cereal with skim milk, vegetables (no butter)
and bread. Could have been worse, I suppose.

Happily, when
I left the hospital two days later, it was without my gallbladder and
I've never had a problem since.

You got two days? Wow! They were practically pushing me out the door
before the anesthesia had worn off (why they tell you that you can't
drive yourself home). :-p