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Default Your Favorite Cheese

This entire thread has descended into the ridiculous. There is no
favourite cheese of anyone. It depends where you live, how you have
been brought up, and how well you cook. Everyone knows that.

Is there any cheese better than Parmigiano Reggiano for grating onto
pasta? Even Peccorino has its place in Italian dishes.l Is there
anything better than a good French Camembert to eat with fresh pears
and walnuts? Find me a better smoked cheese than English Applewood
for eating with pickle?

I like Red Leicester with almost anything, and good New Zealand tasty
cheddar with almost anything also. Has anyone tried Aged Gouda from
the Kapiti Cheese range in New Zealand? I believe it is ex;orted.
It is excellent.

So don't bore us all with your favourite cheeses. Look at the broad
global picture and eat other cheeses to experiment. You will be
pleasantly surprised.


Carthage demands an explanation for this insolence!