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Default Your Favorite Cheese

On Sun, 14 Jan 2007 21:19:45 -0500, Julia Altshuler

My mother-in-law stuck with her cheddar. It's been good enough for 86
years; there's no reason to try anything new fangled now. That didn't
surprise me. I was astonished, however, that my sister-in-law went for
the Brie de Mieux. I thought it would have way too much flavor for her.
Later I noticed her going for the blue that a cousin affectionately
called stinky. I wouldn't embarrass her by making a big deal of it, but
I wanted to stare and say "You? Eating good cheese? Cheese that has

WoooHooo! That big block of cheddar has it's place in sandwiches,
macaroni & cheese, breakfast omlettes and quesadillas.... but good for
your SIL for venturing into uncharted waters! Maybe she has always
wanted to try new cheeses but needed a "buddy" in order to do it.
It's so much easier to nibble new things when you know you aren't
going to have to deal with leftovers you don't like.

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