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Default Unglazed quarry tile for baking stones

Jim Elbrecht wrote:
"Sheldon" wrote:
Adam Preble wrote:
I wanted two cheap pizza stones that I could double up and use to bake
bread and such.

Why? Placing any stone into a residential oven does not a brick oven
make, in fact it does nothing whatsoever to enhance any kind of baking
and in all cases will interfere with the thermodynamic convection
engineered into the oven.

It doesn't make a brick oven-- and it might affect the thermodynamics.
. . but I think you've never baked a pizza crust or breadsticks on a
stone if you poopoo the idea of baking on stone.

I used unglazed tile during my 'bread phase' a couple years ago

What the phuk is a bread phase... whaddaya the pillsbury dough boy.

and it indeed lends a special texture to the bottom crust.

Special texture... real descriptive... like you're a special kind of
What a moroon!