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Default sourdough starter too sour ?

"TG" wrote in

[sven] wrote:
the more
starters i start, the more chance i have succeeding.

NYT no knead bread baked ( normal yeast ), looks very nice, still a
little too hot right now, but at least the crust looks and feels like
a true French baguette.



Hi Sven, I just realised you probably aren't in the US so I'll
translate my other instructions : -)

15g of starter to 75g of flour and same water. : -)

Anyway, if you really are going to make another starter try using some
wholemeal rye along with your wheat. This is how I made me best
Where abouts are you by the way?


hey Jim,

I live in Belgium ( that's in Europe ;-) ).

You don't really need to translate your instructions, i'm used to convert
miles to km's, pounds to kg.. f to c and so on.

Still nice of you to think about the rest of the world.

Wholemeal rye is indeed on my "to start " list. But my packet of rye
flour went empty a week ago, and i need to buy another one, wich is not
that simple here.. almost all flour is wheat ( or "bio" as we
say ) rye is even harder to find. Anyway no real problem.

off to work