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Default sourdough starter too sour ?

"TG" wrote in news:[email protected]

Hi sven,

give it lots of food, at least one tbs per 1/2 cup of flour in a 12
hour period for a day or two and see what happens. You can go back to
feed the way a lot of folks here do if you like after that when you
know it's going great guns. But this will makes sure your starter isn't
being under fed. I feed my starter more than this all the time but I
know my starter well and use it a lot.

Good luck.


Thank you

Starter will get enough food. Already another starter on the way.. the more
starters i start, the more chance i have succeeding.

NYT no knead bread baked ( normal yeast ), looks very nice, still a little
too hot right now, but at least the crust looks and feels like a true
French baguette.