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Default Village Bistro restaurant, Charlotte, North Carolina, Ballantyne Area. Delany Drive, Delaney

The pun is the word "behind"--vomiting and diarrhea for about 8 hours
on and off. Totally exhausted the next day. Same feeling if you got
sick in Mexico.

Sure we washed hands we both used a sanitizer. I had an alcoholic drink
(1) with dinner and was a little less sick than my friend who had
water. We did not eat off of each others plates, etc.. We had the same
exact meal and side dishes.

The doc my friend called said it appeared to be food poisoning of sorts
and said to wait it out with over the counter stuff.

Restaurant said that you cannot get food poisoning within a few hours
and it takes over 24 hours or more to develop.....Not by my experience
and research.

As far as compensation, we just asked for the price of our meals back
plain and simple.

Oh well. You live, get sick and learn. Bad meat, bad preparation, poor
customer service.

Take care
pltrgyst wrote:
On 3 Jan 2007 16:41:14 -0800, wrote:

... Shame that they do not stand
behind (pun intended) their product.

Where's the pun?

-- Larry