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Default Sourdough bread and the bread machine dough cycle

Thanks to everyone that gave advice. I tried another loaf of the same
bread using the dough cycle and it came out much better the second
time. I also only needed one dough mixing cycle in the bread machine.

On Dec 29 2006, 3:26 am, "TG" wrote:
Phil wrote:
Yes, of course. I used a bread machine for kneading sourdough for many
years, until I bought a Deluxe mixer. The biggest disadvantage to using a
bread machine is that you can make just one loaf at a timeBut sourdough is so simple, with the long rises you don't really even

need to knead much, I do a stretch and fold, I've even do it just for
the fun of it rather than waiting for time to do most of the work. It
works better with upwards of 65% doughs, no flour, no oil, just slap it
on the work top and pull a handful towards you, stretch your hands
apart and slap it back down over itself. You can get a good rhythm
going to and it doesn't take more than a few minutes then it's done.
Put it back in the bowl and leave it. You then have the advantage of
being able to make as much as you like and shape as you like.

Anyway, just a 'by-the-by'.