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Default 2004 Leonetti Merlot

2004 Leonetti Merlot (Columbia Valley) - when I visited a friend to
try and solve an equipment problem with my stereo (he creates high end
home theatre systems) he offered me a glass of wine. From the kitchen I
heard "I have this bottle a client gave me - Leonetti Merlot - is
it any good?"

Upon suitable assurances from me, the cork was duly pulled and the wine
allowed to show its stuff. I usually keep my Leonettis much longer than
this, so it was interesting for me as well.

Huge chocolate in the nose along with red fruit, and quite full and
smooth in the mouth, with a markedly smooth finish, the tannins being
present but obviously having signed a non-aggression treaty with the
fruit, something that surprised me at this very young age.

Very impressive. Can others who routinely put their Leonetti Merlots to
the sword, or rather screw at such young ages tell me if this is par
for the course these days? My recollection from others tasted young
(1990s vintages) was that the tannins were firmer than this.